Corporate Ethics


Hartwell Buck is committed to promoting equality and diversity and translating this into all aspects of our everyday work from both the running of our business to the identification and selection of candidates for our clients.

From a candidate sourcing perspective we are totally committed to providing as diverse a candidate mix as possible, the aim is simply to recruit the best person for the role. We will monitor our own recruitment policies and procedures as well as the candidate database to ensure our own compliance. Our policies and procedures will be continually monitored and updated as required.

From a business perspective this is not a “nice to have” but of critical importance in running a progressive, successful business. As such, we will not tolerate discrimination or other unfair treatment against any of our staff or users of our services, on the basis of gender, race, colour, age, ethnicity, marital status, family circumstances, disability, sexual orientation, political or religious belief. Our employees are required to be fully aware of the company policy and their responsibilities in respect to the policy.


Privacy Commitment

Hartwell Buck is committed to protecting your privacy both on and off-line. We fully accept our responsibilities in maintaining client and candidate confidentiality and aim to provide a safe and secure user experience. We will never disclose any personal information to a third party without your permission and will only use that information with your permission as outlined in this policy.

Data Security

Your details will be stored on our database and can only be accessed by employees of the company. Personal information will only be divulged if formally requested by legal or regulatory authorities or where we believe that it is necessary to protect the rights and property of the business or the personal safety of employees, candidates or clients. If at any stage in the future, the business is acquired or merged we may share the information that relates to you with the new owners or partners of that business without your consent. You will be sent notice of this event.

It is your right to request Hartwell Buck provide, edit or remove Personal Data relating to you. If you would like to arrange for this please speak to our consultant or the contacts available on this website and we’ll be only too happy to assist.

Privacy Policy

To ensure that we deliver the most effective service to you, we need to understand your requirements. As such we will require to collect personal information (such as name, email address, CV, compensation details etc.) to help us match your details with job vacancies.

Such information is accepted on the following basis:

  • You undertake to guarantee that the information you provide is complete, true and accurate in all respects.
  • If your circumstances change significantly, it is your responsibility to update ourselves.
  • Any information you do provide will be added to our confidential database and used for assessing your suitability for current and future recruitment assignments.
  • We will use the contact details provided (such as telephone numbers, email and address) unless specifically requested otherwise by you.
  • Your details will not be passed on to a third party without your prior consent.
  • Personal information is totally confidential.
  • If you are a temporary worker or contractor, we may be required to carry out credit checks or other lawful checks.
  • We may also be required to take references.
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